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Growth Diary

Animation Mentor week 6-7 and 8

Hi Guys, Moving into overlapping in animation, we had three weeks to go over getting the anticipation, overlap and follow through correct. So I thought I would wait until we had compleated before I posted again. The animation is an awesome process and truly an art form. Understanding these twelve principles is fundamental to growing. But I have also found that do this is making me grow as an artist in other areas as well. Like my sketching and drawing getting better, as I finally feel I have reached a level I am a little happy with! For week eight we moved into the walk cycle blocking out, unreal!      

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Programming assessment

Just got my first programming assessment back and got full credits I didn’t get an awesome but considering all the work I am doing and my full dedication to my Animation studies at Animation Mentor. A full credit is a massive success! Ryan Lowseck Assessment Number 33126/06 Unit (title and code) ICTPRG414 Apply Introductory programming skills in another language Course Certificate IV in Programming Trainer Damian Kasper Date 6/2/2017 Grade Credit Strengths Well done on a great assessment! You have demonstrated a great ability to apply basic java language syntax and layout and create code that uses data structures and standard algorithms. Some great examples of designing and performing testing and the related documentation. Keep up the great work! Your factual and theoretical knowledge was very good, demonstrating a great understanding of the theory for this module. With this assessment, you demonstrated your ability to apply basic language syntax rules, use language data types, operators and expressions to create clear and concise code and use appropriate language syntax for sequence, selection and iteration constructs. You also proved your knowledge in using data structures, write code to create and manipulate arrays, design, define and use data structures. Overall, your practical skills demonstrated a very good ability to design, create and debug […]

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Animation Mentor week five

Ok, we are into week five this week, I missed posting week four but no worries, it will be all here today. So last week we covered revision and a light and heavy ball animation glad to say I got an A from Alan. But the school has a great community to help you grow and get better. This week we revised the heavy ball animation, worked on the devastation pose with quick sketches and posing Steward in Maya. Then we had to thumbnail the pendulum animation scene in which we will animate to understand the principles of overlapping and follow through. I love animation 🙂  

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Java module four assignment

I have finally reached my module four assignment for Java programming; it’s the first assignment you are left with no advice or hints. Debugging and writing a bird names application, The Birds title application using ArrayList to store the client’s input data in which they can add, delete, remove and quite the programmed. Oddly writing the program has been fun but debugging oh my god, smash your head on a desk over and over and over. Anyway, you get the gist. I will post the application once I finish it!    

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Animation Mentor Week Three

Well into week three working on poses and quick sketching the excitement pose!   Also, we got into animating the basics of a ball movement. Its great to just get lost in moving this ball around and then seeing it come to life. Who would have thought that you could get so much enjoyment watching a bouncing ball?  

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Programming Java

On to 3 months in open colleges, I knew a little about C++ going into the study, But I have learnt a lot in these three months, Starting from Variables and primitive data types of int, floats, Char and Boolean to name constants. Type Minimum value Maximum value Size in bytes byte -128 127 1 short -32,768 32,767 2 int -2,147,483,648 2,147,483,647 4 long -9,223,372,036,854,775,808 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 8 I am enjoying this growth and learning even though like learning any new language This will not be a quick process for me, But I am determined to achieve a high level of programming. So I am going over the exercises and re-writing the exercises over and over memorising them. Onto module 4 and understanding inheritance Awesome!   public class Employee {    private int id;    private double salary;    public int getId()    {        return id;    }    public double getSalary()    {        return salary;    }    public void setId(int idNum)    {        id = idNum;    }    public void setSalary(double sal)    {        salary = sal;    } }

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Animation Mentor first term

Hi everyone, Well, I am in my first term at Animation Mentor with my mentor Alan Rogers who is a senior animator at id software. He has worked on projects like DOOM, Ice Age, The ant bully, 9 and cloudy with the chance of meatballs. And just after two lessons so far he is a great mentor and a down to earth person, and I am honored to learn from someone like him, I am excited about moving in this direction. This week we are working on quick sketches in public keeping the drawing under ten seconds, which I have spent a lot of time previously to AM but love doing it. Then we are to set poses in Maya with the Steward rig.

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Busy as a bee

Going through my programming course and just starting my Animation training with Animation Mentor, So looking forward to it{I love animation}; And programming is pretty darn awesome too. But I am still building this protfolio up so I have been sculpting as well with many bust and real world scene to be put up soon! Wolverine fight scene is nearly done!

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The latest

Hi everyone, I am working on a review for the new Wacom Cintiq Companion ok its not new but the review is going to cover many different software that are required in the VFX, animation and CGI in general. So keep your eye out. Also I have just stared my programming certificate 4 course at Tafe, Java and c# are on the menu. Although I have a little experience with MEL and Phyton from Maya, This is the an in-depth Certification. Its only the second week and I  am loving every minute of it, Just you and the code working it out and learning how to make the computer work for you is unreal. Even bigger news is that I have been excepted into the tippet and Industrial Light and magic Animation Mentor School to start January 2017, and that something I really can not stop thinking about. I can not wait, Having a mentor who is working directly in the field is just an awesome chance to grow.    

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What I am upto

My projects and learning are many; I am working on a sci-fi scene that will be modeled, UV and textured in Maya and Zbrush. Sculpting Celebrity portraits with Bruce Willis as the first. But then I got this crazy Idea to do a whole scene from one of his movies and how cool that would be.   I am also now learning Fusion 360 for a patent I am designing. And Marvelous Designer course with CGelves Great course and Camille Kleinman is a great teacher Teacher. I am also going over my Zbrush basics again to see if I have missed anything along the way and if the new updates have outdated my knowledge. So I have gone onto Gumroad which I got from Zbrushtuts on Facebook. And there is a great tutorial on the intro to Zbrush from Pavlovich who is usually on Pixologic right learning page as well. But here he goes over all the new feature of4R7. And I have to say I ‘ve already picked up more new ways to incorporate into my workflow. I wanted to do a Mech robot, so I am working on one directly onto my new Cintiq Companion 2, so I can put through all the test of a pipeline. I will do an in-depth review on its […]

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