Daily Archives: September 15, 2016

What I am upto

My projects and learning are many; I am working on a sci-fi scene that will be modeled, UV and textured in Maya and Zbrush. Sculpting Celebrity portraits with Bruce Willis as the first. But then I got this crazy Idea to do a whole scene from one of his movies and how cool that would be.   I am also now learning Fusion 360 for a patent I am designing. And Marvelous Designer course with CGelves https://cgelves.com. Great course and Camille Kleinman is a great teacher Teacher. I am also going over my Zbrush basics again to see if I have missed anything along the way and if the new updates have outdated my knowledge. So I have gone onto Gumroad which I got from Zbrushtuts on Facebook. And there is a great tutorial on the intro to Zbrush from Pavlovich who is usually on Pixologic right learning page as well. But here he goes over all the new feature of4R7. And I have to say I ‘ve already picked up more new ways to incorporate into my workflow. https://gumroad.com/pavlovich# I wanted to do a Mech robot, so I am working on one directly onto my new Cintiq Companion 2, so I can put through all the test of a pipeline. I will do an in-depth review on its […]

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