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Hi everyone,

I am working on a review for the new Wacom Cintiq Companion ok its not new but the review is going to cover many different software that are required in the VFX, animation and CGI in general. So keep your eye out. Also I have just stared my programming certificate 4 course at Tafe, Java and c# are on the menu. Although I have a little experience with MEL and Phyton from Maya, This is the an in-depth Certification. Its only the second week and I  am loving every minute of it, Just you and the code working it out and learning how to make the computer work for you is unreal.


Even bigger news is that I have been excepted into the tippet and Industrial Light and magic Animation Mentor School to start January 2017, and that something I really can not stop thinking about. I can not wait, Having a mentor who is working directly in the field is just an awesome chance to grow.





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