Daily Archives: January 14, 2017

Programming Java

On to 3 months in open colleges, I knew a little about C++ going into the study, But I have learnt a lot in these three months, Starting from Variables and primitive data types of int, floats, Char and Boolean to name constants. Type Minimum value Maximum value Size in bytes byte -128 127 1 short -32,768 32,767 2 int -2,147,483,648 2,147,483,647 4 long -9,223,372,036,854,775,808 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 8 I am enjoying this growth and learning even though like learning any new language This will not be a quick process for me, But I am determined to achieve a high level of programming. So I am going over the exercises and re-writing the exercises over and over memorising them. Onto module 4 and understanding inheritance Awesome!   public class Employee {    private int id;    private double salary;    public int getId()    {        return id;    }    public double getSalary()    {        return salary;    }    public void setId(int idNum)    {        id = idNum;    }    public void setSalary(double sal)    {        salary = sal;    } }

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Animation Mentor first term

Hi everyone, Well, I am in my first term at Animation Mentor with my mentor Alan Rogers who is a senior animator at id software. He has worked on projects like DOOM, Ice Age, The ant bully, 9 and cloudy with the chance of meatballs. And just after two lessons so far he is a great mentor and a down to earth person, and I am honored to learn from someone like him, I am excited about moving in this direction. This week we are working on quick sketches in public keeping the drawing under ten seconds, which I have spent a lot of time previously to AM but love doing it. Then we are to set poses in Maya with the Steward rig.

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