Daily Archives: February 2, 2017

Animation Mentor week five

Ok, we are into week five this week, I missed posting week four but no worries, it will be all here today. So last week we covered revision and a light and heavy ball animation glad to say I got an A from Alan. But the school has a great community to help you grow and get better. This week we revised the heavy ball animation, worked on the devastation pose with quick sketches and posing¬†Steward in Maya. Then we had to thumbnail the pendulum animation scene in which we will animate to understand the principles of overlapping and follow through. I love animation ūüôā https://youtu.be/GvreWHG6Lyw  

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Java module four assignment

I have finally reached my module four assignment for Java programming; it’s the first assignment you are left with no advice or hints. Debugging and writing a bird names application, The Birds title application using ArrayList¬†to store the client’s input data in which they can add, delete, remove and quite the programmed. Oddly writing the program has been fun but debugging oh my god, smash your head on a desk over and over and over. Anyway, you get the gist. I will post the application once I finish it!    

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