Programming assessment

Just got my first programming assessment back and got full credits I didn’t get an awesome but considering all the work I am doing and my full dedication to my Animation studies at Animation Mentor. A full credit is a massive success!

Ryan Lowseck

Assessment Number 33126/06

Unit (title and


ICTPRG414 Apply Introductory programming skills in another language

Course Certificate IV in Programming

Trainer Damian Kasper

Date 6/2/2017 Grade Credit

Strengths Well done on a great assessment! You have demonstrated a great ability to apply

basic java language syntax and layout and create code that uses data structures

and standard algorithms. Some great examples of designing and performing testing

and the related documentation. Keep up the great work!

Your factual and theoretical knowledge was very good,

demonstrating a great understanding of the theory for

this module.

With this assessment, you demonstrated your ability to

apply basic language syntax rules, use language data

types, operators and expressions to create clear and

concise code and use appropriate language syntax for

sequence, selection and iteration constructs. You also

proved your knowledge in using data structures, write

code to create and manipulate arrays, design, define and

use data structures.

Overall, your practical skills demonstrated a very good

ability to design, create and debug code. You also

demonstrated your ability to design and perform effective

testing. Well done!

You have demonstrated great practical communication

skills throughout this assessment.

Your documentation was very well structured. The

presentation of the code was very good, with appropriate

comments and spacing.


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