Anatomy Study




I started learning Anatomy from books and all other types of media that I could get my hands on, Then I realized that I needed a teacher on this subject that could guide me properly. I heard about Scott Eatons Anatomy classes and jumped head first at signing up for both his online line anatomy and digital anatomy sculpting classes. And I am very glad I did. Learning where the bones, muscle, fat and skin intersect and play a role with each other was best gained from people who have dedicated their lives to such studies. I learnt so much that I finally felt I understood how the anatomy worked within the real world and the arts. And with Scott Eaton’s guidance, my final anatomy sculpture was given an excellent review.


But none the less I still feel This is a subject that requires constant attention and practice, and so that is my continuous studies. I feel like blocking out a scene we start with the big bulky shapes, and how it fits in with the composition, then we work down to the medium shapes until we reach for details to finalise the image. So I have found the study of anatomy where I have learnt the big bulking shapes and understood how they work and fit in. I still see that there is much more for me and grow in this area. And so I have continued to sketch study and practice this art form.



handslegs knee1 knee